Project: Małe Betlejem

Małe Betlejem is an online store, which was born out of a desire to assist and support Christians. The store offers a variety of handcrafted devotional items and keepsakes made from precious olive wood by skilled artisans and craftsmen from Bethlehem, the Holy Land.

What actions did we take?
Product photography
eCommerce implementation
Online presence consultation
SEO strategy
Facebook ADs
eCommerce Management System
Email marketing automation

eCommerce implementation

The web design has been meticulously crafted with the target audience in mind.

Given that the target audience primarily belongs to the baby boomer generation, not all of whom may be well-versed in online purchasing, it was imperative to devise a design that not only facilitates easy navigation but also offers a range of ordering options.

To this end, a direct client support number has been prominently displayed on the product page.

Taking into account the aforementioned considerations, we have also made provisions for customers to pay on delivery as not all members of the target audience may have access to digital banking systems.

Additionally, a variety of shipment options have been made available to cater to the diverse needs of customers.

In the last step we made sure all of the designs are mobile friendly and SEO ready.

Product Photography

When embarking on an online sales endeavor, one crucial aspect to consider is the quality of product photography.

This not only ensures customer satisfaction but also effectively conveys the desired message to the target audience.

As such, it is essential to ensure that the products are presented in a manner that accurately reflects their physical appearance.

It is commonly acknowledged that individuals tend to make purchasing decisions based on visual appeal.

We executed a comprehensive photoshoot for the entire store and offered photography services as new products were introduced.

eCommerce Management System

In an effort to optimize efficiency and effectively manage product stocks, our company has implemented the use of an eCommerce Management System, Baselinker.
This system enables the monitoring of order status and the consolidation of multiple sources of orders, including e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

As a result of its implementation, we have introduced email automation to inform customers of the status of their orders. We have also implemented a SMS gateway which sends a “thank you” message to every customer who places an order.
Furthermore, we have integrated an accounting system to automatically generate bills for orders. The system enables the integration of couriers, allowing for the automatic generation of waybills and the connection of printers for printing said waybills.

This not only improves internal business operations, but also allows for customers to easily track their orders and communicate with the vendor at any stage of the ordering process.


From the inception of the project, thorough communication and consultation with the client was maintained.

The task at hand entailed a redesign of an existing e-commerce platform.

Particular attention was given to factors crucial for business expansion, including the identification of the target customer demographic. Additionally, it was imperative to effectively communicate the brand’s narrative, which centers around supporting local artisans from Bethlehem.

Online Marketing

In an effort to improve our online marketing efforts, we have taken multiple actions.

One of these actions involved the creation of a Facebook ad that encouraged support for Christians in Bethlehem.
Through our efforts, we have determined that the inclusion of a personal “face” behind the project resulted in a higher conversion rate.
Additionally, we have found that the use of videos in Facebook campaigns is also crucial.
Throughout our campaign, we continuously optimized our target audience and identified the most converting one.

In addition to our Facebook efforts, we also executed a distinguished SEO campaign which yielded relatively quick results.
We strategically selected niche keywords with high search volume that were also easy to rank high. 

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