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Blog Writing

Even if you think that writing your own blog is old-fashioned, just think about all the questions that people ask in Google

The output are almost always blog posts. 

What if the answer will be on your website and you grasp upon massive organic traffic?

Why Ready made?

We research your industry but from specific angle – what do people ask Google about?

We create content that is the best fitted for your business.

However keep in mind it will not always directly bring customers.

What you achieve is expert image that leaves print inside people minds.

Summing up by writing blog you can earn:

They trusted us:


Standard blog writing


  • Blog topic research
  • Composing article (300 – 400 words)
  • Blog post implementation 
  • Meta description
  • Free stock graphics


Premium blog writing


  • Blog topic research
  • Composing aricle (800-900 words)
  • Blog post inplemetation (text formatting, bolding etc.)
  • Meta discription
  • Free stock graphics


A well-run company blog is primarily a way to build additional traffic from the Google search engine.

Think how many people don't know about your business. This is a particularly important aspect for online store owners.

Product reviews and rankings generate huge views, which very often translate into real customers.

In fact, in most industries, you can reach many new customers this way.

Another benefit is building authority and expert position in your industry.

You can become famous and your words will be often quoted. Such cases are particularly common in the medical industry.

The blog is also very important in terms of SEO. Websites with a regular blog are easier to position and generate more numbers.

Well, these are phrases that Internet users enter into the Google search engine to find products, services or answers to their questions.

Therefore, if you want users to find your website, you need to ensure content that is equipped with the right number of such keywords - used naturally, in variation, along with synonyms.

Therefore, keyword research plays a very important role here.

Besides our standard packages there are a couple reasons why your industry might demand greater budget.

It is difficult to determine the costs you will pay for the texts you order from us. The industry in which you operate, the number of characters, and thus the length of the content have a large impact on the price. Only when you specify all these issues will we be able to make an accurate quote.

You do not have to worry, because we have adapted our price list to the needs and requirements of modern entrepreneurs. Feel free to drop us a message.