Project: is a business based in the Republic of Ireland, situated in the vicinity of Dublin. Their services are related to construction work but their primary offering is External Wall Insulation.

What actions did we take?
Corporate identity consultation
Photography for entire project
Website project and implementation
Online presence consultation
Cost calclulator implementation
Google ADs

Website implementation

It was decided to construct a website that would enable users to clearly understand the services offered by It was determined that utilizing colors related to the construction industry would effectively communicate with viewers.

The website comprises of multiple service pages, a contact page, and a home page. Additionally, it was deemed essential to incorporate a Blog module for the purpose of improving Google rankings. Each service page features a specialized form, allowing users to schedule an on-site meeting for a detailed quotation.

The layout of the pages was designed with Google Ads in mind, as the website is considered the core of any campaign regardless of the strategy employed.

Furthermore, to ensure a seamless user experience, the website has been optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. The website design is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need. Additionally, the website features a clean and modern aesthetic, which is reflective of the company’s professional and reliable services. Overall, the website has been designed to effectively communicate the services offered by, and to provide visitors with an easy and efficient means of scheduling an on-site meeting for a detailed quotation.

Cost Calculator

We were faced with a challenge to provide an efficient response to the recurring inquiry of “how much for attic insulation?” It was determined that the most effective solution would be to enable individuals to personally calculate and determine the cost themselves.

To achieve this, a form was structured and programmed to enable users to calculate the cost of attic insulation by providing measurements of their attic and selecting any additional services, such as flooring etc.

Subsequently, upon completion of the form, clients receive a PDF document containing an estimated budget for the service.

Upon the client’s approval of the final version, the solution was implemented on the website. 


We were able to establish cooperation with our customer from the very first moments of the company existance. This allowed us to implement more of our ideas, one of which was a photoshoot that perfectly blends in with the corporate identity and web design.

High-quality images greatly enhance the capability of creating an attractive website, as they take up a significant portion of web design.

We decided to conduct the photoshoot while the team was working, which also helped us build trust with future customers.

As a marketing agency, it is much easier for us to take the necessary pictures with a specific purpose for use on the website and in our communication with our target audience.


During the initial stages of the project, we engaged in discussions pertaining to corporate identity, during which the logo was developed.

Our approach was to attentively listen to the client’s specifications, incorporating our own insights and observations.

We delved into the analysis of the target audience, also known as the avatar, taking into consideration factors such as age, gender, and wealth, among others.

This had a significant impact on the formation of the overall brand image. Subsequently, we progressed to consultations on branding, subsequently proceeding to the development of the website and planning of internet marketing strategies.

It is crucial to determine the focus of the website, whether it be the optimization for specific keywords or the implementation of Google Ads.

Additionally, it is crucial to evaluate the most suitable location for the addition of call-to-action buttons and determining the preferred method of contact for the target audience, whether it be through telephone or email.

Increase in warm lead generation.