Project: Your Hair

Your Hair is a hairdressing and styling salon with premises in Poznan, Poland. Their mission is to take the level of hairdressing in Poznan to complete heights unattainable so far. They introduced new techniques of hair coloring and regeneration hitherto unknown in the region.

What actions did we take?
Corporate identity consultation
Photography for entire project
Website project and implementation
Online presence consultation
Google reviews integration
Google Street View 360

Website implementation

For this project, together with the client, we decided on a classic website that would be simple, legible and, above all, would sell.

We focused on a classic look, but the charm and uniqueness of this website are added to the colours selected for the colour grade of the photos used for it. The photos and colors on the website match perfectly and add a sense of luxury, which is the intended goal as the salon uses luxury brands such as Balmain.

The page basically consists of 5 basic tabs such as contact, home or services. And one of the most important segments right now, blog. A blog is the key to success if we want to achieve good results in SEO.

In addition, the services are divided into 3 subpages with each of the services selected by the customer. Subpages have been “armed” with excellent copywriting and have been optimized for loading speed, which has a huge impact on conversions. We decided to divide it into the 3 mentioned tabs because you will be able to use them very selectively when implementing google ads or seo campaigns.


In this case, the whole project ran smoothly, thanks to the fact that the client chose to have a package of photos for the website. Photos can often be a major challenge when introducing businesses to the online world. As a rule, customers have a lot of them, making the selection process take months, and often the photos are also taken quickly with a phone.

Here, we were able to conduct an entire photography session within a specific theme in just two hours during the client’s visit. The salon received from us a package of several dozen photos within a specific theme, which show the products, the salon, hairdressers as well as the photos of the stylists at work. This builds a lot of customer trust immediately upon entering the website, as the customer sees the team and the salon where the service will be performed.

When conducting such a session, we also take into account all places on the website where these photos are missing. So we are able to take a perfectly matching photo for a specific place on the website.

Virtual tour on Google

For stationary service companies, the configuration of the google my business card is necessary for the business to start functioning. Salon your hair wanted to ensure that their business card was not just created, but that it was “alive”.

That is why we have implemented a virtual tour in their salon. The virtual tour increases the organic position in google maps and allows you to see the place from the inside. It also often solves problems with finding and reaching the salon.

360 photos in this place generates an average of 1,000 page views per month. This is additional valuable traffic as well as potential customers.


Before, after and during the implementation of the entire project, we had many detailed meetings with the client. At the very beginning, we discussed corporate identity, at this stage the logo and business cards were created. We carefully listened to the customer’s requirements, added our comments and observations.

We discussed the avatar, i.e. the ideal customer to whom we will ultimately reach. Age, gender, wealth and many more. This had a very large impact on the creation of the image of the entire brand. After consultations related to branding, we started working on the website and discussing planned marketing activities related to the Internet.

This is the key thing to know before creating a website whether we will want to focus on positioning specific phrases or whether we will implement google ads. Where is the best place to add CTA buttons. Will our avatar prefer to use telephone or rather e-mail contact.

Increased traffic in the salon after the implementation of all solutions.